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I received my custom 3-D Crystal Print in the mail yesterday and I think it is beautiful. I'm amazed with all the details.

Though I love the item, I am a bit disappointed with the special request that I had made. Crystal Prints kindly attempted to make the request, but they didn't do it correctly.

I had requested an ACCENT MARK over a letter in our last name and instead the etched crystal has an APOSTROPHE over that letter. These are two very different things and I would think that this distinguishment would be understood (even if you google it). Spanish words don't use apostrophes.

In any event, I hope this information is beneficial to you for future orders that need to be correct in spanish, latin, etc. or other languages that have accent marks.
Alli Gonzalez

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Crystal Prints Inc. :: Cube Laser Shapes

Cube Laser Shapes

Photo crystal cubes

are solid heavy optical crystal and can be ordered with a flat bottom, as shown in this category; or with corner cut bottoms that we call crystal diamond cubes.

Square Crystal Cubes
Square Crystal Cubes
Click the photo for more information and BUY!

Priced From: $49.00

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